Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Mass #6

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival is happening this coming weekend. Chris Kuzma, Ginette Lapalme and I are going to be tabling together as a united Wowee Zonk, selling our namesake comic book anthology and tons of other good stuff including amazing jewellery by Ginette and Kuzma's new comic book Complex #2. 

Here's my contribution. This is the last issue in my ongoing series, Black Mass. I've been drawing this turd since 2008 following the exploits of misanthropic wizard-son Turdswallo Blackteeft and his noble caring roommate and best friend, Dingball. Issue #6 concludes story developed in issues #4 and #5. 

This issue is debuting at the show this coming weekend, but if you're not going to make it and would like to secure a copy, you can buy it here! I'm taking "Pre-orders." The books are finished, but I will be shipping them out on December 8th 2011. All books ordered before December 8th will come packaged with one of these little trading cards I just printed. 

Pre-Orders are done and sent out! 
You can still order the book regular-like here!

Black Mass #6 
40 Pages, Black, Risograph + 2 colour Riso-print Cover. 
$6 + S&H